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 X-Fusion is already death, but...

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X-Fusion is already death, but... Empty
PostSubject: X-Fusion is already death, but...   X-Fusion is already death, but... Icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 3:20 pm

X-Fusion has been gone for a long time as the group began to fall about mostly because it became diffierent from what the main members wanted it to be in the beginning and it became unorganized.

Today I reserved a mail saying I got a new PM from this forum, I was kinder impressed when I saw that it was actually not just a spam bot, but an actual gamer who wanted to join a community, I also later found other members posting on the forums wanting to join a community, now, as I said, X-Fusion is gone, BUT if you still are interested in playing L4D or even other games then I got some great news for you, some of our members that leaved X-Fusion before it became totally bad created another and succesful clan called neab (neabclan.com and neab4tress.com) it is focused on Quakelive in the neabclan.com part, but neab is still for everyone and all other discussion (mostly steam games) will be found at neab4tress.com, the neab4tress.com site is more experimental and less succesful than the neabclan.com part, but even if the forums sometimes look dead, people do check the forums out and read what you write, we do play games and most of the talk will be via. steam, alot is playing games like L4D, Killing Floor and of course L4D2 Demo and is waiting for L4D2.

I will probably forget to response if you post here as I never visit this site anymore so if you visit this site and want to talk with me about something related to X-Fusion, then add me on steam, my ID is Skellxo.

Have fun gaming, if you ever see a user called Skell, then write Wink
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X-Fusion is already death, but...
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