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 Very Good Movie Zeitgeist: Addendum

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PostSubject: Very Good Movie Zeitgeist: Addendum   Wed Dec 24, 2008 6:23 pm


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PostSubject: Very bad movie.   Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:28 am

I wholeheartedly advise against this movie. I've seen it. It once amazed me, to a point. However, I started to slowly dislike it as 3 things came to pass.

1. I was shown by more then one video and personal research that the first section on Christianity is quite wrong in many of its statements. (And besides, why target Christians instead of Islams or Buddhists, Catholics or Hindu's?)
2. I found out that many of the speeches and qoutes they had put in the movie were altered. This was probably the worst part for me. Being lied to by a government is bad enough, but then to have someone come along saying they are 'helping you' and then being lied to by that person really sucks. Makes you realize everyone has an agenda. Everyone's the same.
3. I discovered that zeitgeist was incomplete, and therefor the solutions in zeitgeist addendum were invalid. There is a lot more to the story, and to the solution. (If there is one.) There is more going on then this movie recognizes.

So in the end, I consider zeitgeist to be a start. A first step on a long, steep, exhausting staircase.

Unfortunately, most of what you will need are things you must piece together yourself. Having someone else tell you doesn't work the way it should. Spend some time in your life, some work, and you care more.

Here are some other steps along this:

Now with that, lets leave zeitgeist alone. This subject is too vast for one forum.
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Very Good Movie Zeitgeist: Addendum
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