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 Clan Offical Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Offical Rules   Clan Offical Rules Icon_minitimeThu Dec 18, 2008 9:32 pm

1a. Respect Your Clanmates
This means no trash talking, calling names, using offensive language, personal attacks, or just being mean to each other. This also includes spamming clan/forum chat with problems. We all log in to have fun. If you need to address a problem in the clan - talk to your team leader or Me Directly. Any sort of harassment in clan chat is grounds for harsh punishment and likely removal from the clan. Members are expected to know when playful teasing is appropriate and when that transforms into harassment. If you are not sure, ask. It is not the responsibility of others to tell you when things have become inappropriate.

1b. Be a Team Player for X-Fusion
We are a team. This means we are here for the clan as a whole, and not our self. People that ask for realistic help should get it, and in return you should expect people to help you with anything you might need. Please not only be respectful to all members of the team, but take it one step further and be a productive member of X-Fusion. If everyone spends 10 minutes a day helping other clanmates we will have one of the most solid clans in existence!

1c. Respect Your X-Fusion Community
X-Fusion is made up of 40 members and growing everyday. They are from all parts of the world, all walks of life, and a very wide age range. This diversity makes X-Fusion stronger as a clan and requires that each person understand conduct and must be respectful of these differences. Racial slurs, lifestyle slurs, gender slurs, conversation or jokes that are “off color” -- this is a short list of the kind of interaction with your clanmates that is not acceptable. Does this mean you can't enjoy time with your buddies? Definitely not. Take it to PMs and be sure that everyone is comfortable with the more casual style. Again, it is not the responsibility of others to tell you when things have become inappropriate.

2. Respect the Team Leaders
There is a strong chain of command used by X-Fusion which includes an open door policy. This means that we do ask if you have a problem you report to your immediate supervisor, but if you ever feel like you're not getting the results you're looking for with them or have a sensitive topic you need to bring to a higher up, you are welcome to do that at any time. Officers are in place as a support mechanism, and are there to help you and Divinity as a whole succeed.

3. Respect Your Opponent
Our intention is not to degrade, humiliate or grief* the opposition. We want to win and prove our dominance through clean victories. While we understand that rivalries exist, the use of foul and inappropriate words is unacceptable. Smack talking in good fun is acceptable to a degree. This rule applies both in game and out.

4. Participate in Clan Wars/Clan events
Not everyone can attend every event, but it’s expected that if you can attend, you do. Our combined force allows us all to grow stronger.

5. Do Not Exploit(this shouldn't be a problem)
If it looks like a bug it probably is. Do not use exploit tactics. We will not accept victory if it’s attained through exploits. Confirmed use of exploits or 3rd party cheat programs will result in immediate expulsion from the clan.

6. Utilize the Clan Website
Your level of participation is completely up to you, but all members should check the message boards whenever possible.

7. Account Sharing
Allowing someone from outside the clan access to your game/steam account, forum or site account is not permitted. Special cases may be considered if they are discussed with Leaders beforehand. If an account is found to be shared with no prior notice to clans leaders, the member will immediately be removed from the clan.

*These rules are subject to change or addition at anytime.
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Clan Offical Rules
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