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 What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such

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PostSubject: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:18 pm

Tell a little about how you play and maybe you chances for an invite to a game will increase (or decrease Twisted Evil )

I myself loves to jump right into the fights and hit/shoot all that stands in the way, but I will of course do everything to not shoot my fellow warriors so I mostly pushes the zombies away from them or punches them to dead right in front of you.

I love to both snipe at use the shotguns, but I mostly use the shotguns because I can't just stay back! I have to run around and kill. Speedrunner is what you can call me, just as long you don't call me stupid, but, yeah I can be stupid from time to time, but I will always learn from my mistakes (hopefully)

Hunters: I Loooooove to smash there heads until they die so everytime I hear a hunter I asure that there isn't stupid enemies in the way and then I go hunt Very Happy
Smokers: If I see them then they shall taste my shotgun! I hate getting raped from behind!
Tanks: I want to kill it by myself! stupid noobs...
Witches: I can kill a witch by myself from Easy to Advanced, but not expert. My tactic is so simple: Get the awesome Shotgun and go to the witch, take the shotgun and point it right in its ugly face and repeatly shoot it until dead. The witch will not be able to hit you ones, but sometimes stupid zombies are around or a special gets you, but the worst is when your fucking team won't listen and just flashes on it or begins shooting it! I hate when they set the witch AND ME on fire!
Boomers: I hate when my friends shoot it right in front of me or the others... Just push it away and shoot it later.

My Weakness is that I take more damage than most players.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:55 pm

Ok time for me.

I love to rush into large things. With my machein gun. I jsut see alot of zombies and i cant stop myself but to rush into the middle of them and kill them to bits. I jsut love that.

I love mostly my machien gun. I just hate to not have it. And i hate that you have to wait till further on in game to get it Sad.

Hunter: I love to rush up to them so they jump to me and i just push them away and shoot them or shoto them in mid air.
Smokers: I hate the damn things. I cant stand em. My aproch is to just shoot em. I have no speail way of killing them.
Tanks: I like to kill on own because when i do people get the damn way! So i like to kill on ownJust find it easier when no one is in the way to stop you killing it.
Witch: I rarly disturb witch unless i have a rifle and have a steady aim at her head. I hate when i dont wanna disturb and people keep thier lights on or shoot it >Sad
Boomers: I like to stand away from them or if i wanta challenge i would go up close and shoto it so i get to kill loads of them damn ugly zombies. Smile

My weakness is that I shoot my teammates alot.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:15 pm

I am more to playing the harder games on expert. I would play any level if it means more fun for everyone else. I tend to use the automatic more than the shotgun, and I like to stick to groups. No one should go anywhere alone. I like to crouch and shoot alot and try my best not to hit my teammates, because i hate to get hit. I like when my team communicates with me and lets me know whats going on. I try to defend all players with me because i think if we work as a team we will dominate the level.

Hunters: Love punching them but will not go after if means leaving the group.
Boomers: I love to try and get them as soon as i see them. Not when they are close so I don't pop him and get everyone splattered.
Tanks: Burn, Burn, Burn Purify the area of tanks with fire.

EDIT: I tend to go back for the players and get killed myself.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:08 pm

I'm the sniper. I wish people would realize that occasionally I need a spotter though, even the best snipers can get hit from behind or swarmed. ]:
I tend to focus more on saving teammates then myself, and I frequently am the first and primary target by the second scenario in versus games due to my higher SI kill ratio when compared to my teammates.
I have a surround sound headset so I usually know which direction that scream, cough, gurgle, or panting is coming from. I can usually distinguish height from this, also, and will immediately face the direction the noise is coming from and scan the area..
I'll be your best friend in versus as long as you watch out for my ass, too. Too many times have I seen a game go to shit because someone let me die and my team lost the advantage of one-hit special infected kills.
Also, I have good eyes, and if I see even a couple pixels out of place and moving behind a wall, whatever it was is usually dead soon after; otherwise I'll chase it behind the wall and kill it, but maybe 1 in 10 times this goes wrong and someone will need to save me.
I tend to stand back during swarms and keep an eye out for special infected while helping everyone else as best I can.

Hunters: Headshot. I enjoy watching my high-powered rifle send them dancing through the air.
Smokers: Headshot. Though the erratic movements tend to throw me off, and players that know how to make the movements even more erratic without sacrificing their own gain in versus usually just get shot 3-4 times in the torso as it's easier than trying to hit their small, ever-moving heads. Also, once they've latched me there's almost no way I can get free on my own, the chances of one of my bullets hitting is very low as the rifle loses any semblance of accuracy even by simply bumping into the wielder, and there's not enough time to switch to the pistols before losing control. So just watch out for that. I'd have to say smokers are probably a sniper's weak point, but only at medium-close range, at long range they're as easy to kill as anything else is at any range.
Boomers: Shoot them through walls or shoot whatever small portion of their bodies is even slighty visible between the trees or in the distance, they'll die in one shot either way.
Tanks: Headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot headshot.
Witch: I can usually get the 5 necessary headshots in before she can even stand up, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot too. Faster witch deaths are always better.

I'll update this when I can think of more. Maybe I'll add techniques for each special infected that I use so people can understand my strategies and be an efficient spotter for me. Remember that being a spotter isn't a full-time job, and you can do your own thing, but it does require you to pay attention and know where I am more than half the time. I should always be in someone's line of sight as I'm frequently the main target of any group when it comes to special infected.
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PostSubject: RadioKnight   Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:50 am

RE: Tactics, Strengths and Weaknesses

Hi all, Im RadioKnight. When I got wind of this game, I grabbed the demo, and was hooked. Finally a true zombie survival horror game...

I like the balance of range and firing rate of the M16. Ive been training a bit to use the Mini-14 better, but Ill always prefer being able to scythe hordes if they get too close. Im usually the one who watches the back, closes doors behind everyone, and looks out for that goddamned Smoker. I believe in being a bit more cautious most times, at least on Campaign mode, and I take as much time as I can to thin out the Hordes before making the dash to the end. I also like being a spotter for the Mini-14 or a shotgun, so if youre a fan of the shotgun, Ill sometimes be right behind you, picking off longer range targets and aggravating horde into running into your shotgun blast. Ive realized in this game a well thought out plan, communication between team members and using the environment to your advantage can be much more effective than just laying down a withering hail of lead. For the most part Ive been playing with randoms, but I would love to be able to run on Expert Mode, but being successful there depends on a strong team who have trained together extensively.

Hunters: I love to smash em with the melee and then pump their faces full of bullets. And its faster, and better to conserve health, to melee them off of pounced comerades, then blast em.

Smokers: My nemeses. Part of watching the back is being on the lookout for those bastards.

Boomers: Not terribly a problem if dealt with correctly. Only a real threat if one is hiding around a corner, waiting for you. And the best thing to do when covered in puke is find a corner and melee.

Tanks: Just torch em and wait the 40 or so seconds making them chase me. Not really worth the ammo expenditure if theyre already on fire unless you have someone skilled with the Mini-14.

Witches: Best to avoid her unless shes in a direct path, and then better to piss her off at range and have her die in a hail of gunfire before she gets to the team.

And I guess my weakness is sometimes lingering a bit too long waiting for that goddamned Smoker.

Anyways, I look forward to working with all of you. I hope we can build effective units that will be able to run, and win, on Expert.


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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:59 am

I'm MorrowFlight, morrow for short.
mar-oh <-- pronunciation
I'm not sure how great I am but I like working as a team. I try not to get in front of you, and I'll be careful in case you get in front of me. I help however possible, but I'm not the type of guy who thinks its necessary for every single person in the team to run to the rescue of one person who has been pounced or strangled. If I see others running for you, then expect me to stay back and continue to hold off the horde. ^^

Fav weapon: m16

Tanks: Run away and find an open space to fight him in.
Witches: Leave them alone.
Hunter: I can usually finish one of these off by myself.
Smoker: Hate em.

Strength: I'm cautious and I watch your back.
Weakness: I'm cautious and I watch your back. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:06 pm

I kill my allies alot on purpose Surprised .........scratch that i meant to type accidentally. Twisted Evil
I only kill my allies if i dont like them very badly which is very rare for me to dislike any1 or if its just for fun once in awhile like in the beginning of the round
anyways i only played versus two times in my lifetime i did pretty well considering my team won ^^
I love you
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:11 pm

Ok.. i like to fire from a distance with my Machine guns.. not the best thing to do but its a lotta fun!

Hunters:Normally ill just start swinging and hope to hell i got him

Smokers:Kill on sight no Questions.

Boomer:Run. Very Happy and if there too close hit them over the head

Tank: Try to work together with my teammates and if not throw a maltov and book it!

My weakness is i tend to miss a bit and hit my allies
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:10 pm

I think my strength is my understanding of what my teammates are trying to do and acting accordingly. I'm getting better at figuring out how the game thinks, so I can be one step ahead. I'm a very cautious/patient player who would be a sniper if he could find a more efficient way to use the gun. I generally take very little damage so I'll use my medkits/pills to heal others. I will more often than not cover the odd angles where the specials like to sneak up on you, or if a secondary horde comes up from behind while the team is fighting off a primary horde.

My weakness right now is my instinct to shoot first rather than melee, which I've already improved at, and also to sometimes get caught up in a bad situation and not be able to find my way out. I try to hug the walls more often, but every now and then I'll be in the middle of a gymnasium covered in Boomer vomit.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such   

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What is your Tactics/Strenghts/Weakness and such
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