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 Don't like talking to others with mics? Problem solved here!

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PostSubject: Don't like talking to others with mics? Problem solved here!   Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:11 pm

So I know it can be intimidating to chat to complete strangers, or maybe you have family in the background and don't want to talk around them. (Yelling "Smoker!" can be awkward.) And we all know typing can take quite awhile.
You say: So we don't want a mic, but we need to say things fast... hmmm.
I say: Go on... think a little harder. Smile
You: Oh! Are you saying that we should make use of the voice command menus? Like when I press X or Z and get things like "Look"/"Hurrah"/"Yes"/"No"?
Me: Well yes, but I'm suggesting we make our own. These voice menus you see are actually called 'Radial menus', and making one yourself is very simple!
Go to program files/ steam/ steam apps/ common/ left4dead/ scripts/ and there you should find a .txt file called "RadialMenu". Quite the handy name, no? Open this up, and take a look at what you see. If your good at programming and modding stuff, you probably wont need these next steps. If you aren't, keep reading.


This here tells us in order the "MenuName,Team,Status"

MenuName is the part that you will bind to a key. But I'll get into that later.

Team shows what team you have to be in (for versus play) for it to work. If you ever played versus, you may have noticed that Z and X don't bring up the Radial Menus when your an infected like they do when your a survivor.

Status is how you have to be to use it in the first place. So if it says 'Alive' then you can't use it unless your alive. Being dead and trying to say you found pills just won't work with the 'Alive' as Status.

"command" "vocalize smartlook"
"text" "#L4D_rosetta_look"

"Center" is where exactly the command will be in the radial menu.
The { } are the things the commands must go into, or they wont work. Just learn from the already made ones. Smile

"command" This is what will happen when you select that option. It relates to calling out .mpg3 files or something from a certain folder. Theoretically, you could record your own voice saying things like 'Hunter!' and then use that instead of the pre-made ones for each character. But the pre-made ones are easy to recognize.

"text" This is what will show up for each option. If you'll notice, "#L4D_rosetta_look" is definitely not what shows up and I'm not sure about this. There's no need to worry though, because what you type in "text" will show up the way you want it to.

Okay! So now you have some basic knowledge to create your own radial menus! (If you don't know about binding, which is the finale step to creating your own radial menus, then skip to the bottom of this post.)

Now for all you people who don't want to take the time to create your own (I know I didn't really), I have made one that will have some basic commands to help you out. Copy and paste the following into your RadialMenu.txt right ABOVE that last } (I'm not sure it will work otherwise.)

Quote :
"command" "vocalize PlayerStayTogether"
"text" "Stay Together!"
"command" "vocalize PlayerWarnHunter"
"text" "Hunter!"
"command" "vocalize PanicEvent"
"text" "Swear"
"command" "vocalize PlayerWarnBoomer"
"text" "Boomer!"
"command" "vocalize PanicEvent"
"text" "Hoarde!"
"command" "vocalize PlayerWarnTank"
"text" "TANK!!"
"command" "vocalize PlayerWarnWitch"
"text" "Witch!"
"command" "vocalize PlayerWarnSmoker"
"text" "Smoker!"
"command" "vocalize PlayerHelp"
"text" "HELP!"


As the finale step, you will need to make your Radial menu work with whatever key you choose to put it on. To do this, open up left4dead and go into options, keyboard/mouse, and click 'enable developer console'. Open up a single player game, (any game will work, but this way you won't bother people) and then press the ~ key.

Type this into the little window you will see: bind x "+mouse_menu Warnings"

Warnings = the MenuName that you had at the top of your radial menu. For my explanation above it would have been 'Orders'.

Note!!!!! DO NOT type 'bind x ...' if you want to keep the old radial menu already assigned to x. Type in v or b instead. Any key will work really.

If I missed something, or this isn't working then post in this forum.

Other links for custom radial menus are:
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Don't like talking to others with mics? Problem solved here!
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